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Telephone and postal marketing regulation
D.P.R. n. 178/2010 as amended

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In accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Decree n. 178 of the 7th September 2010, published on the Official Gazette nº256 on the 2nd Nov 2010, the Operators who intend to contact the Subscribers listed in the public telephone directories for sales and marketing  purposes and for market research, are bound to register with the system managed by the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni – the service Administrator – and to communicate the list of telephone numbers they intend to contact. The Administrator, by a comparison of such list with the information contained in the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”, will delete from the Operator’s list the telephone numbers of those Subscribers who asked not to be contacted.

The updated list – or rather “cleansed” of the telephone numbers of those Subscribers who have joined the “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” – is returned to the Operator within 24 hours after the request and is valid for 15 days only, in order to enable a continuous update of the Registro.

In order to access the lists update system (application submission), the Operator shall comply with the General Terms and Conditions.

The service access fees are fixed by the Ministerial Decree 16th February 2018, published on “Gazzetta Ufficiale” n. 97 of 27th April 2018. The following table details the purchasable packages of subscribers’ telephone numbers and the corresponding fees.


A 1.500 € 45,00
B 50.000 € 1.500,00
C 300.000 € 9.000,00
D 1.000.000 € 23.000,00
E 5.000.000 € 105.000,00
F 10.000.000 € 150.000,00
G 15.000.000 € 195.000,00
H 25.000.000 € 245.000,00
I 50.000.000 € 280.000,00
L 100.000.000 € 520.000,00


For the submission and update of the application – that is the registration request for the services delivered to the telemarketing Operator by the Administrator – the Operator can choose to communicate with the Administrator by:

  • Method 1 » Email + Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested» personal traditional email » traditional mail (optional) » certified mail with return receipt requested.
  • Method 2 » Certified Email + Digital signature» personal Certified Email » personal digital signature with legal validity


In this area, the Operator can:
Consult, in the “Procedures” section, the instructions to:

  • Submit the application
  • Access the Operator’s information
  • Update the application
  • Send the lists of telephone numbers
  • Ricarica Credito
  • Top up the credit
  • Reset the password
  • Start the registration procedure in the “Application submission” section

Login to the Restricted Area to:

  • Access its own information
  • Send the lists of telephone numbers that the Operator intends to contact
  • Receive the lists that have been updated by the Administrator
  • Modify the password
  • Check the lists sent in the past
  • Download forms, in the relevant section


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